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Missionaries to Ivory Coast, West Africa
James and LaNelle George

James & LaNelle

Missionaries to Ivory Coast, West Africa

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VIRTUE - Luke 6:19 "...for there went VIRTUE out of Him..." Virtue: goodness, virtuousness, righteousness, morality, integrity, dignity, rectitude, honor, decency, respectability, nobility, worthiness, purity, principles, ethics, etc. Vice: the opposite of "virtue",...

Sojourners Together – July 2016

Got to enjoy a service with family and friends at HBC before heading out on a late night flight From Atlanta to Abidjan. Passed through Paris then over the Mediterranean and Sahara Desert landing in Ouagadougou for a short pit stop and passenger exchange. Delta and...

He Is In Control

Someplace beyond our ability or possibility, is a land called “faith.” As best as I can describe, it feels like a situation where I am grasping for something just out of reach when I am falling or trying to find stability when walking on slippery ice. It causes my...


“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!” Adolf Hitler This philosophy has proven itself true historically. The excitement and fervor of youth can "rock" the world. It is also true in our churches. Youth will "rock" your church and bring life. An investment in...

Foreign Missions Experience

"Two steps forward...and one step back." Taking the Message of Christ into the world is like riding a horse wide open into a raging battle. No missionary in history has ever stated that their work was always smooth sailing. We read letters of victories inviting people...

What’ll Ya Have… Pilgrim?

Until we venture out from the bounds of our comfort zone, we will never know the plain of faith to which God wants to lift us. Going beyond ourselves into a world that requires God's help, God's hand, requires is an exercise of faith. Faith is reaching for something...

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