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Reaching Remote Jungle Regions of Ivory Coast, West Africa

Can you imagine riding a Yamaha 125 bike through the jungle on the remote trails of Africa? If that is not exciting enough, picture the enthusiasm generated among villagers as you shut down your engine and begin to unload a backpack containing an entire solar-powered projection and sound system! Then think about all the curious villagers gathering around as you prepare to show them a film of the life of Jesus and the wonderful story of His grace, mercy, and love, presented in their own language. I have watched the surprised expressions on their faces and heard them exclaim, “Listen…Jesus is speaking Gueré!” What an awesome experience, and… YES, you can join in the excitement and be a part of the team!
GAP Missions Jungle Riders
James George on Jungle Rider Bike
The possibility of taking the GOSPEL to these remote villages in Ivory Coast, West Africa, is not just a venture of imagination, it is a reality. Using Solar-Powered Projection Systems, along with the DVD’s in West African languages, the Jungle Rider teams regularly carry the message of the Gospel into the jungle regions of Ivory Coast! This is not only a reality… It is a reality that YOU can participate in!

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Whole villages gather around the double-sided screen, young and old alike, to watch the life changing story of Christ and hear it in their own language. People whose souls have been held in the clutches of animistic beliefs for a lifetime are captivated by the TRUTH of the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. They line up, patiently waiting their turn to speak to someone after the film. It is not uncommon for us to stay hours after the presentation answering their questions. One night, we dealt with 149 people, each rejecting their animistic teachings and trusting Christ. One week we recorded the names of 556 people who trusted Jesus.

Many more have been reached with the Gospel since the Jungle Riders program began. New churches are being formed in these villages by follow-up teams. We have a great need for trained national pastors. Fun? Yes! Exciting? Yes! But, it is also dangerous territory. These areas being reached are, for the most part, uncontrolled by authorities. Armed gangs are prevalent. Bangolo has always been referred to as a very “dark” place. That is why we are there, to share the light. If you could see the joy and sparkle in the eyes of those who have experienced God’s grace, you would agree with me in saying, “It is worth the risk.” We are training “Jungle Riders” in two sections of the “Wild West”. One team reaching the Yacouba territory, the other continuing outreach with the Gueré.

Join Us… Pray for souls.

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