Fishing-Boats-and-Nets_01Grand Bassam was the first capital of Ivory Coast. It is situated 25 miles east of the present capital, Abidjan, on the Atlantic Ocean. Three miles east of Grand Bassam, along the seashore, lies a small fishing community. This is the location where the new orphanage will be built. The land faces a paved road 3/4 mile inland from the seaside photo pictured below. A public school, which goes through 2nd grade, sits between the orphanage property and this scene. Older orphans can attend school in Grand Bassam. The price of the land was reduced to almost 1/3 of its value by the property owner because of his heart to help the children. This location will be a much safer, cleaner, and more spacious environment. We already have Christian ladies who have a heart to move to this area and serve the children. Also, we will be planting a church for this community which will help in overseeing the orphanage.

Sponsor an Orphan

Churches and pastors of the Ivorian national mission are having a very difficult time caring for the physical needs of people in the villages where they minister. One heavy responsibility is the care of orphans. Under their supervision, these children have good Bible training, but their physical situation is shocking. One of the best ways you can help the mission pastors is to sponsor a child. You can choose and be linked to one specific child of your choice. All donations will go for expenses directly related to that child. 100% of your financial gift will be devoted toward their benefit. You will also be given opportunity to help them with schooling and other special needs if you desire. Up-to-date news articles and photos will be posted on the GAP Missions website. Please visit us here on our website, write, or call to see how you can make a difference now and eternally in the life of a child.