Dear Mission Friends,

This COULD be the year when Jesus comes! But whether this is the year for us to experience the Rapture or not, I do believe that we are close to His Coming. I believe you and I are being called to participate as we reap this last great harvest of souls. God is doing wonderful and marvelous works all around the globe and I am excited that He has allowed me to have a part in reaching the precious souls in West Africa.

In the last conference, held in Abidjan, we had the great joy of seeing how God continues to expand and grow the ministries in Ivory Coast. This growth has brought on more and more responsibilities for GAP Missions, but at the same time, we are seeing the Lord’s hand of provision as the needs arise. Your gifts and prayers over the years have allowed us to do so much and we would like to start this New Year off by saying “Thank You” for all you have done and are doing. We are also thankful for the faithful Ivorian pastors and workers. 160 National Pastors and leaders attended the past conference with an enthusiastic passion to Spread the Gospel. Our desire is to help them by continuing to provide sound Biblical Training and other needs which will help them in the ministry to which God has called them. With the port now open and the country in as calm a state as we have seen over the past four years, we feel this is a prime opportunity to ship the 3,000sf building which will serve as a Church, Pastor’s Training Center and conference center, and provide a place for the Orphans to worship and study.

Land has already been purchased in Mondoukou Village located 30 miles East of Abidjan along the seacoast. Funds totaling $16,188 have been raised toward the building project. Two construction crews are preparing to go to Ivory Coast. One group will leave February 29th to lay the foundations and another group will go in July to construct the metal building.

The Immediate Pressing Need is to be able to Ship the Container holding the pre-fab building. We need to have the container sitting on the property in Mondoukou before construction crews arrive. We are asking each church or individual receiving this letter to please send something toward this need. If all will participate and simply give what they can, I believe the needs can be met. If there is extra money which comes in above the shipping and port fees, we will place that money in the building fund for the MONDOUKOU VILLAGE PROJECT. If you cannot give toward this, we ask that you please join us as we pray for the Lord to place it on the heart of those who can help.

1. CONTAINER SHIPPING: Atlanta to Mondoukou $6,600
2. PORT FEES: (close approximation) 4,400
Total Needed:  $11,000

We sincerely hope you will pray with us about these needs and help us financially as the Lord makes provision.
Thanks to all who have started sponsorship of the orphans. You are a great blessing.

In His Care,
James & LaNelle