We are thankful for Rod, Dray, and EY, who invested their time and talents in the Ivory Coast Missions Project. They worked on getting the container out of port while waiting on the sawmill to cut our lumber. There is no “Home Depot”. Finding supplies is sometimes a long and enduring task. Materials didn’t come as quickly as we preferred but we were able to finish the wall and platform framing and install paneling in the metal building. We now have hardwood flooring ready to install on the platform. Dray installed all that was possible on the electrical but most of his supplies were onboard the container which was released too late to accomplish all he had planned. Even with all the delays, the men got a lot finished. They were a blessing and encouragement to me, especially when we had to unload the container at the port.

We look forward to the day when construction comes to an end and the facilities are ready for the orphans and pastors use. Please pray for the funds needed for completion. Also, pray for the next group who will be traveling 500 miles deep into the country to distribute the orphans Christmas gifts and the Bibles to new converts. Also, pray for souls as the story of Christ is preached all along the way. May HIS NAME be glorified.