We are grateful for the construction teams who joined us on the Sept-Oct trip to continue work on the structures in Mondoukou. The teams completed the electrical and finished the beautiful wooden pulpit & choir platform in the church. The huge task of installing the septic system is completed for the dorm & kitchen and, praise the Lord, the concrete roof is poured. That was our last “big concrete” pour.

We are now giving our attention to completing the interior of the dorm. The first unit, which will house 24 children, is nearing completion. Also, we have materials to place the metal roof on the apartment above the cafeteria and interior work is currently underway to make the kitchen operational.

The Lord has been gracious to us and we know HE will see this work completed. Thank you for your prayers, gifts, time, and encouragement. It is so exciting to see how God provides for our needs at just the right time. Pray with us as we exercise FAITH in what HE can do. We stand in awe of HIM.