Construction work continues on the mission property regardless of the political scene. The Lord has blessed beyond measure as LaNelle and I share the needs of Ivory Coast with churches across the USA. We know the Lord will complete what HE has started. We are thankful for all the nationals who give of themselves so freely and faithfully to the ministry. Every week, souls come to know the Lord as Savior through their combined efforts. Difficult times allow added opportunity to be a blessing to those in need physically and spiritually. Thank you for all the kind things done for us and for the people of Ivory Coast

Orphans Dormitory

Workers from Mondoukou are “sealing” the walls of the dorm in preparation for paint. Doors and windows are being ordered. Next will come paint, electrical fixtures, and bathroom tile.

Joseph, the mason, is laying block on the third story terrace to encase the stairwell and seal it from the elements. What a beautiful place the Lord has given for us to have a “Missions Center”.

New Soccer Ball

The Mondoukou Soccer Team Captain smiles as he receives a new soccer ball from America for the village team. Soccer is the center of activities in Africa. The team captain has worked with us on the orphanage construction project from day “one”. Building relationships is the key to evangelization.