The Presidential Election did not go as expected and Ivory Coast is, once again, a divided nation. Two men have had themselves sworn in as president, each saying they won the election. Hundreds have died in the conflict and the economy has come to a standstill. The UN reported that refugees from the western region number more than 70,000 people. Christians, orphans, and pastors from our own mission in the Bangolo region have left their homes and farms seeking a safer environment further south as rebel troops have seized their villages. None from our mission have been harmed but pastors are struggling to find food and shelter for them. More than 200,000 fled Abobo this week, a sub-division of Abidjan, due to extreme violence in that area of the capitol city.

The orphanage construction site is a very safe place but not quite developed to the point of housing the children. We desperately need funds to have the electrical pole and transformer installed. With electricity, we could open dorm unit “One” (housing 24 children plus their caregivers), the cafeteria, and power up the Church/Bible Institute. There are “Six Dorm Units” which, when completed, will house a total of 144 children plus the workers. Now that the “big job” of pouring the concrete for the three story dormitory is over, we will complete and open ONE UNIT at a time.

Because we have no permanent place to care for the displaced orphans, we feel an urgency to move as quickly as possible. Pastors and workers are also anxious to continue their studies in the Bible Institute.

Please join us as we pray for funds needed to complete this project. Would you also join us as we pray daily for protection and provision for all who are associated with the mission in Ivory Coast. Especially pray for the National Director, Pastor Joseph and his family. His wife, Catherine, is due to have her baby any day. Also, pray for mission leaders and pastors of the Mahapleu and Bangolo districts. It is a desperate situation for many people.