GAP Jungle Riders LogoBackpacking the “Jesus Film” in Africa

Starting MARCH 1st, 2012

Our evangelization trek into the “bush” country of Ivory Coast begins March 1st. The goal is to present the “Jesus Film” 100+ times in unreached villages of Ivory Coast over a 12-month period. Motorcycles and a solar-powered projection system make this all possible. National pastors, who have proven themselves faithful in the Lord’s work, will accompany me into the Yacouba and Gueré regions. They are anxious to reach those who have not yet heard the Gospel. Showing the film in the local languages is exciting and effective. Follow-up teams are preparing to disciple those who trust the Lord and organize village ministries.

Be a part of the “Jungle Riders” support team. Your support will allow national pastors to devote themselves full-time to this evangelistic ministry. Fuel and literature are needed for the follow-up teams who will disciple those who trust in Christ. This is a rough, rugged, and dangerous area. We need your prayers. The area has been devastated by war, and people have suffered unimaginable situations and circumstances. They need the Lord. Pray for souls, safety, health, and provision. Invite others to join your prayer network. Receive news of “Jungle Riders” as they move from village to village through the following website and ask to be on the email list.