Bro. Tommy Aman and I were excited and well on our way to the Western Region of Ivory Coast when we received word that thirteen people had been killed in the town of Duekoue, the town just before our destination of Bangolo, and we should turn back. So, “Jungle Riders” returned to Abidjan and made arrangements to show the Jesus Film two nights in two separate areas of Grand Bassam. One of the areas was heavily populated by Muslims.

Jungles Riders in Grand Bassam 2012-07_02

As usual, curious people began to surround the screen. Even in a big town like Bassam, this is a rare event so it draws much interest. First the children come, then the teens and adults. Before long you have so many people you can hardly count them. They filled the streets surrounding the screen. A few benches and chairs were scattered around, but most of the people just stood, watching and listening to the story of Jesus. A table was set up for all who wanted to come talk to someone about trusting Christ after the movie.

Two men walked away in the middle of the showing shouting, “It’s a lie…it’s a lie.” Most watched intensely trying to soak it all in. In the end, there were 92 people, young and old alike, who prayed and gave their life to the Lord. They signed a paper with their name and place where they lived so we could come talk with them further on a follow-up visit. Many asked where we had church and Bible study, they wanted to attend. Booklets of John and Romans were given to all who came and prayed. John, Pst. Joseph’s son, brought many people to Bro. Tommy, asking him to pray for a special need.

Our plans for Bangolo didn’t come to fruition. We didn’t get “our way” but the Lord certainly got ‘His way” in the hearts and lives of 92 souls. We give him the Glory and know from experience that His plans never fail. They are always right. We will go to Bangolo another day, Lord willing.