A New Home

Orphans Arrive in Old BusThe rusty old bus came rolling up in front of the orphanage about an hour after dark. It should have been a chariot of gold considering it’s cargo. The door swung open and Pastor Joseph along with 14 very tired girls came filing out. The long 500 mile journey from the west to their new home was over. Most of them had only a grocery sized sack containing all their worldly possessions. A table had been set and hot food prepared. We enjoyed our first meal by candlelight because the electricity had gone out. We gave thanks and after the meal sent them to their sleeping quarters to have a shower and try out their new beds.

We started with fifteen girls who were chosen due to their difficult and vulnerable life situation. The first dormitory unit will accommodate a total of 24 children. There are five more units in various stages of completion. As each unit is finished we will add more children. Please pray for these girls and consider having a part financially in completing another unit. We praise the Lord for HIS faithfulness throughout this building process. We have been blessed beyond measure. And now, we have the blessing of caring for, training, and being loved by these precious children. Stay with them one day and your heart is guaranteed to be melted. They are so much fun.

Orphanage Workers Group 2012-12

Alain is the 24 hour guard at the orphanage. Elizabeth is head of the kitchen and cafeteria. Henriette and Marguerite serve as full time dorm moms. Each worker has a tender heart for kids. They would appreciate your prayers as they work with the orphans.


Orphans Group in School Uniforms

Meet The Girls: Carole(5), Leticia,(6) Suzanne(6), Ruth(7), Evodie(8), Prudence(9), Charlene(9), Modestine (10), Anicette(10), Stephanie (12), Alida(12), Marie,(12) Sylvie(12), Liliane(13), and Edwige(14)