Taking the Gospel into remote regions has never been more effective. The idea of taking the story of Jesus into remote regions where most have never had the opportunity to hear the “Good News” of salvation is being facilitated by GAP Missions via motorcycles and SOLAR POWERED projection systems. The entire projection unit can be carried in a backpack. Showing the JESUS FILM in native languages has yielded unimaginable responses.

Jungles Riders James Bike 2013-05aWhole villages gather around the double-sided screen, young and old alike, to watch the life changing story of Christ and hear it in their own language. People whose souls have been held in the clutches of animistic beliefs for a lifetime are captivated by the TRUTH of the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. They line up, patiently waiting their turn to speak to someone after the film. It is not uncommon for us to stay hours after the presentation answering their questions. One night, we dealt with for 149 people, each rejecting their animistic teachings and trusting Christ. One week we recorded the names of 556 people who trusted Jesus.

This past January, over 150 souls trusted the Lord. Hundreds more have been reached with the Gospel since the program began. New churches are being formed in these villages by follow-up teams. We have a great need for trained national pastors. Fun? Yes! Exciting? Yes! But, it is also dangerous territory. These areas being reached are, for the most part, uncontrolled by authorities. Armed gangs are prevalent. Jungles Riders On The Trail 2013-05Bangolo has always been referred to as a very “dark” place. That is why we are there, to share the light. If you could see the joy and sparkle in the eyes of those who have experienced God’s grace, you would agree with me in saying, “It is worth the risk.” We are training “Jungle Riders” in two sections of the “Wild West”. One team reaching the Yacouba territory, the other continuing outreach with the Gueré. (Pray for souls.)

Pray for the Jungle Riders

Please pray for Jungle Riders and support the program financially if you can. Each $30 gift allows the team to share the “Jesus Film” in a new village. We are also in need of motorcycles, Bibles, and literature, for pastors involved in follow-up work. These areas are practically inaccessible except by foot or motorcycle.

(All donations are tax deductible.)