Jungles Riders Guere Region_2013-10A people dear to our hearts. Smiling kids with a handful of rice, a boy (most likely walking home from the family garden) in flip flops carrying a machete, and a lady washing dishes, are common “bush” scenes in the territory of the Gueré. Life is simple but hard. They do, however, seem to make life work without local doctors, pharmacies, electricity, cars, or most things we take for granted. A matching set of dishes? An ice maker? What’s that? Poor by the worlds standards, yet, these gracious families love to share what they have with us when we visit their villages. Many a tear has been shed for the Gueré people. Not always because we are touched by their physical situations, but because there are so many of their villages which have never had opportunity to hear the Gospel story even once.

Jungles Riders Guere Region_2013-10Pastor David Guei, who is now helping me in the “JUNGLE RIDERS” evangelistic program in the Gueré territory, has formed a team made up of students attending our Bible Institute. Every week, one to two new villages is hearing the Gospel via the Jesus Film and follow-up teams are planting new ministries in these villages. We are seeing phenomenal results. Former churches which were planted before the war are now being strengthened as well. Lord willing, thousands will hear the story of Christ in the coming months.

Please pray for and support Jungle Riders. We need Bibles, literature, and help with basic construction needs such as plastic for the roof over the bamboo and palm leaf temples.

Jungles Riders Guere Region_2013-10