Until we venture out from the bounds of our comfort zone, we will never know the plain of faith to which God wants to lift us. Going beyond ourselves into a world that requires God’s help, God’s hand, requires is an exercise of faith. Faith is reaching for something beyond our grasp and finding HIS arms spanning the difference.

Until we give up “our” dreams for “HIS”, we will never know the life God envisioned. Dependency on God has never been an excuse for laziness. HE expects us to work. HE wants us to be successful. HE intends for us to utilize all the talents, abilities, and intelligence granted. However, HIS aim, HIS goal, HIS desire , is to receive GLORY from our lives, to enjoy an intimate relationship, and to guide us into the “life” HE intended. This IS the Exchanged Life. It is allowing HIM to live through me. It is saying “not my will but THINE be done.” It is there, and there alone, where Christians will find peace, contentment, and satisfaction to the fullest degree. We may find success as the world defines success, we may find happiness as the world defines happiness, all this is well and good, but we will never know the FULLNESS of joy, contentment, and satisfaction, until we find what God had planned. HE says, “trust me, prove me, try me”.

Until our heart and hands yield back to God “all” He has entrusted to us, we will never know what it means to live in the land of HIS sufficiency and supply. A “meal barrel” never empty…a cruse of oil that is never dry… a child placed in our trust who walks, then runs, then learns to fly. I have never given up anything for God or given anything to God, and come out a loser.
Matt. 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
Can we trust the Creator with our lives? Most assuredly.

A short devotional thought. James George, Missionary