“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!” Adolf Hitler

This philosophy has proven itself true historically. The excitement and fervor of youth can “rock” the world. It is also true in our churches. Youth will “rock” your church and bring life. An investment in youth is NEVER a poor investment. A vibrant youth program is the “fire” that boils the pot. When youth catch a vision, most times they pour everything, even their “whole heart” into it, whether it be for good or evil. There is absolutely too much input from the wrong sources in this day and age. Dear Christian, where are the mentors, those who disciple, love, and guide youth? If you have no youth as your friends, you have missed Earth’s greatest treasure. There is no more sincerity in relationship than that which comes from the heart of a youth. Unreserved love pours like fountains and their smiles warm every heart they touch. Joy floods the soul of those who experience such a simple thing as an eye to eye encounter.

“I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word.” Psalm 119:16

Youth need to know they can “delight” in the Lord and in His Word but they need a guide…a mentor…a special person who sincerely loves and cares about them. Someone must devote time. Rub a burley head and tell a kid how special they are today. Take somebody fishing or throw a ball or have a tea party. Start a relationship, if you don’t know their parents…get to know them. You’ll only gain and be the better for it. It is a guaranteed cure for the “mully grubs”, pouchy lip, and pity party. Who wants to hear about all your aches and pains! Go fly a kite!

A short devotional thought. James George, Missionary