The Yacouba Tribe

During the war starting in 2002, Ivory Coast was cut in half. Rebel troops controlled the northern half and loyalist the south. Pastor Joseph, our national director had a choice to make. Live among the rebels and continue to reach his people with the Gospel or take my suggestion and move his family to a point of security in the loyalist zone. He opted to stay saying only that the Lord directed Him in that decision. God miraculously protected him and his family through extreme dangers and unimaginable situations. God saw his heart for the Yacouba people, honored, blessed, and extended grace. People readily accepted the Lord and after a period of 18 months I was invited to the first baptismal service for believers. I had tried to visit that region over the past months but the Lord blocked every Pastor Joseph Baptismal Service Yacouba Tribeeffort. I asked how many were ready to be baptized and Joseph replied, “Oh, there are a little over 400.” The candidates came down the path singing and waded out in the little creek with Pst. Joseph in the lead. What a blessing to have men like Pst. Joseph who love Jesus more than life. Pastors willing to suffer extreme circumstances for the Gospel sake. Yes, the GOSPEL is that important.

The Rest of The Story

In two weeks I will cross this creek and gather the new Jungle Riders Team. The team comes primarily from churches that were established as a result of Joseph’s ministry during that difficult period of war. We will ride into new Yacouba villages, show the “Jesus Film” utilizing our Solar Powered Projection system, and introduce the same GOSPEL these believers in the photo have experienced to hundreds who have not heard. Please pray for and support Jungle Riders. Is the GOSPEL worth all this effort and expense? These smiling faces would say a hearty “YES”!