Thank you for your faithful support, prayers rendered on our behalf, and for being our friends and encouragers. God has blessed the ministries of Ivory Coast beyond measure. Souls are being reached and we are excited about all the opportunities to work and serve in Ivory Coast at this point in time.

The orphans are growing physically as well as in the Lord. We are so very proud of them. The Lord has placed 36 girls in our care. My heart melts and tears course down my cheeks when I hear their tiny but powerful voices pray.

The Bible Institute just graduated 5 students and gave 22 students certificates of promotion to the next level. Construction on the facility in Bangolo, that was halted when the war came in 2002, is now moving ahead and we should have the church/institute/missions center finished in just a few months.

GAP_Med-Team-2014_04_250x400The medical team that came last summer will be back in Ivory Coast in July 2015. Hundreds came for help in the remote villages last year and we expect the same this round. Lives were saved, people were healed, and many came to Christ through this effort.

“Jungle Riders” organization is growing and we are presently reaching into three language groups with the Jesus Film. I know of no other missionaries working in the remote villages of the “wild west”.

We hope you are encouraged knowing what great things your prayers and missions investment is producing. The Solar Powered Projection System has proven to be one of the best evangelistic outreach tools we have ever used. Hundreds are coming to Christ, churches are being established, as the Gospel courses its way into these remote villages untouched by the Word of God. Souls are being added to your account every week.

Need For A Mission Bus

LaNelle and I have a very pressing need we hope you can help us with. A bus has been donated to GAP Missions Africa for the orphans, pastors, and visiting groups from the USA to use. Last year the medical team made the 500-mile trip out west to work in the impoverished villages and we had to take two vehicles to accommodate the group. The hired driver of the rented vehicle hit a huge washout in the road and LaNelle ended up with a seriously hurt back. She is doing well now, but I don’t like placing the safety of our
group in another person’s hands. Also, our orphans are blessed to be in the orphanage facility, but in a sense, it is like a prison. We have no way to take them on field trips, to school, or to other places as a group. GAP Africa Mission BusThe med team saw the need for good and safe transportation for the orphans and visiting groups and we began praying for a bus. God touched the heart of someone and he bought our mission a really nice bus. Now we need to ship it.

UPDATE: on Mission Bus

Bus has cleared US customs – For all who are praying for the shipping of the mission bus, we have news that US customs has cleared the paperwork and the vessel has space to put it onboard. It will be loaded May 22nd routed from Savannah Port to Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Now we pray for funds to clear customs in Ivory Coast, amounting to around $5,000 and for quick and easy paperwork with Ivory Coast customs so we can put it to use soon after arrival. Please prayerfully consider donating toward this final need concerning the bus. Any amount will be a blessing and, if everyone participates, you’ll be surprised how fast the need will be covered. For those who cannot donate we ask you to please pray for God to provide. We have confidence that HE will not start something HE does not intend to finish. It is amazing to watch HIS plan come together.

A hearty thanks to all who have donated to pay for shipping cost to get it to Ivory Coast. The Lord has once again touched hearts and people have responded. We have not yet been given the exact amount for shipping but we believe we have enough. We pay by the cubic meter and the bus has not yet been measured for the final calculation. Pray they do not move the mirrors I set “in” as close as possible to the body of the bus because, if they move them out from the present position, their width can be added to the overall dimensions of the width of the bus and add much to the cost. We don’t want to pay for “air” going down both sides of the bus because of mirror width.

Prayer is the key. It opens Heaven to our needs. Please keep it up…

James, Missionary