People living in remote villages in Ivory Coast have limited possibilities for medical help when stricken with sickness. Some miraculously push through high fevers and trauma and live, many do not. In America, doctors once made “house calls.” This med-team made “Village Calls”.

GAP Med-Team 2015 2With no medical facilities, they improvised and found a means to do something about the destitute situation for hundreds of people. The team traversed jungle trails few people have seen or imagined. These trails truly are “the roads less taken.” Villagers were overjoyed by our presence. They exclaimed, “How did you ever find us?” Trekking deep into the “bush” of Africa has its own special beauty and it’s not just the scenery. The real beauty is found when those who hear the “call of God”, trust HIM, and go, discover they have entered into a joint venture with GOD Himself. HE extracts every trace of training and expertise from their repertoire of knowledge and experiences, utilizing them to their fullest capacity. Helping the needy is fulfilling, but touching the lives of people for the Gospel-sake is no small thing to God.

GAP Med-Team 2015 3More than 1/3 of the villagers who came were diagnosed and treated for the number one killer in Ivory Coast, malaria. The pharmaceutical team dispensed over 1,400 prescriptions and the med-team examined nearly 700 patients in four days. Many will live physically to see another year, but the better news is, many were touched by the “Great Physician” receiving healing for their sin-sick soul. Deeply satisfying experiences and rich rewards await those who will follow “Gods Call”. Someone cared. Someone went. Someone saw. Someone prayed, “GOD…use ME.” …and HE did.