New Tables & Benches

Pictured are the new tables, benches, and a pavilion for the children to eat and study under. Pastor Joseph is passing out new books of John and Romans for their Bible studies. We are in need of plates, eating utensils, cups and glasses, towels, wash cloths, and cooking pots. Also, we need a large, heavy duty washing machine. Wringing out laundry for 172 children is extremely difficult for the ladies. A refrigerator would be helpful too. We also have new Sunday School material for the children’s ministry ready to ship. Your gifts are making a great difference. Thank you for your prayers and financial help.

A Growing Ministry

Pastor David Guei reports that more than 250 adults were reached as a result of the recent Crusade in Abidjan. Many of the saved joined his church and others were placed in churches closer to their homes. His church now has 136 adult members and many youth. It is now self-supporting and has chosen a pastor whom David has trained. David is training 28 other pastors in our Pastoral Training School.

Joseph Tome continues to reach the Yacouba Tribe. Last week he called to let me know there were 23 saved as he preached at a funeral. All 23 were present in church the next Sunday. He is training 26 men in our Pastoral Training School. He and his men have reached more than 500 adults, 350 youth, and established many churches among the Yacouba Tribe during the war.

Ivory Coast Land Purchase

Land has been located for the Orphanage and National Pastor’s Training Center. The total cost for the two properties is $45,000.

The pastoral training center will consist of 3 lots in a prime new development in Abidjan. We have 72 men who are presently in the training program. They each work in some type of ministry as they study.

The Orphanage property consists of 2 ½ acres located at Grand Bassam which is 30 miles east of Abidjan. The property has electricity but it will be necessary to drill a well for fresh water. The area is a safe place away from the violence of Abidjan and near a public school.

We hope you will prayerfully consider helping us to purchase these properties. As soon as the property is purchased, we will ship the 3,000sf pre-fab building which will be used for the National Pastor’s Training Center.