VIRTUE – Luke 6:19 “…for there went VIRTUE out of Him…

Virtue: goodness, virtuousness, righteousness, morality, integrity, dignity, rectitude, honor, decency, respectability, nobility, worthiness, purity, principles, ethics, etc.
Vice: the opposite of “virtue”, immoral, sinful, criminal, taboo, etc.

Jesus had come down to the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon with his twelve disciples. The central thought of this story when this verse was written is a picture of Jesus doing “good”, helping others, showing love and kindness to those in need of His healing touch. The Word calls Him “virtuous”.

“Virtue” is a word not often heard in our daily conversations. But, it’s a word worthy of our attention, for the whole character of Jesus seems to be described in this one word, virtuous. When you regard the synonyms of virtue, the words paint a picture of someone who has every good quality. To have virtue does not connote weakness or timidity. It expresses a character of strength and boldness in the things that are “right”. Those who would influence others to do “wrong” are ever present, because the god of this world, Satan, seeks nothing less than to eradicate anything called good. When a person seeks advice or direction, the wise thing to do is to find a virtuous man/woman. Bad advice is easy to find in todays world. A handshake is all you really need to trust the word of a virtuous person, no contracts necessary. Trustworthy, in sight or out of sight, that’s the confidence we have in a virtuous friend or companion. With the aid of the Holy Spirit, Christians have every possibility to exemplify the character of Christ in whom virtue is fully vested. Yes, there are people who have chosen to be influenced by those who support evil and wickedness like the one who took the lives of innocent officers in Dallas yesterday. It’s true, we see much evil and vice in this world we live in today, but I can truthfully say, I read of evil continually, but I personally know more men and women of “virtue” than I know of “vice”. When given a choice, stand on the side of virtue.